The Green Metrics Tool is a holistic framework to measure the energy / co2 of your application.

It is comprised of:

  • A Python backend that handles the infrastructure orchestration
  • C UNIX-style reporters that generate energy and resource consumption metrics
  • A Python API to retrieve metrics
  • A native javascript web frontend that visalizes the data from the API in some nice charts

Getting to know the Green Metrics Tool

We recommend that you start with the Philosophy & Methodology → part to understand the WHY of the tool and some design decisions.

After that we recommend the Measurement Process → to get a high level overview of WHAT the tool does and HOW.

From here you can branch off in two paths:

Measure your own app with our online hosted service

Measuring with our hosted service →

This is a one page summary of how to measure a sample application.

After that you can look at our Example Apps Repository to see some prepared apps that can be directly consumed.

Your app must conform to the usage_scenario.yml → specification and be Containerized →

Install and measure locally

Under Installation on Linux → / Installation on macOS → you find the detailed installation instructions.

Then proceed with Containerizing and measuring own applications → to understand how to prepare your app to be consumed by the Green Metrics Tool.

Be sure to read the usage_scenario.json → specification to get to know the flexibility of our tool to measure your application.

Then proceed to Measuring Locally

Help: FAQ / Troubleshooting